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How To Hombrew Your Wii U with ColdBootHaxchi
Before starting, make sure to update your Wii U console to the latest firmware (5.5.4 for European consoles, 5.5.3 for all other regions) if you haven’t already.

There are two main CFWs: Haxchi/ColdBootHaxchi (CBHC) or Mocha.
Haxchi/CBHC are both injected into a paid DS VC game, while Mocha is only used with the web browser exploit and Indexiine, which makes it the only free CFW.

Requires a legitimately installed paid DS VC game from the eShop.
Can be used to launch CFW directly from the Wii U Menu.
Needs to be re-launched from the Wii U Menu every reboot to enable CFW.
Its functionality can be extended by installing ColdBootHaxchi (CBHC) to a Haxchi installation.

Choose Your DS VC Game
The first thing to decide is what DS VC game you will buy.
Please note that the game you injected Haxchi/CBHC into will not be playable anymore until you uninstall Haxchi/CBHC and reinstall the game from the eShop.

Compatible DS VC Games
If you have a European region console, there is a chance that you might already have got Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain? for free. Head over to the eShop and check if you got the game.

Animal Crossing: Wild World - EUR USA JPN
Big Brain Academy - EUR USA JPN
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! - EUR USA JPN
Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber - EUR USA JPN
Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain? - EUR USA JPN
Kirby: Canvas Curse / Kirby: Power Paintbrush - EUR USA JPN
Kirby: Mass Attack - EUR USA JPN
Kirby: Squeak Squad / Kirby: Mouse Attack - EUR USA JPN
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - EUR USA JPN
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - EUR USA JPN
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - EUR USA JPN
Mario Kart DS - EUR USA JPN
New Super Mario Bros. - EUR USA JPN
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky - EUR USA JPN
Star Fox Command - EUR USA JPN
Super Mario 64 DS - EUR USA JPN
Wario: Master of Disguise - EUR USA JPN
WarioWare: Touched! - EUR USA JPN
Yoshi’s Island DS - EUR USA JPN
Yoshi Touch & Go - EUR USA JPN

We will now place the required CFW files and some additional homebrew files on the SD Card.

Notice Your SD Card will need to be formatted as FAT32. If your SD Card is not formatted to FAT32, use GUIFormat with 32k (32768) Allocation unit size to format it.

What You Need
The Haxchi config
The latest release of Homebrew Launcher Installer
You will need to download the payload.zip file.
The 1.4 release of The Homebrew Launcher
You will need to download the v1.4 homebrew_launcher.v1.4.zip release of The Homebrew Launcher
The latest release of WUP Installer GX2
The latest release of The Homebrew Launcher Channel
You will need to download the homebrew_launcher_channel.v2.1_fix.zip file.
The latest release of Wii U NAND Dumper
The latest release of the Homebrew App Store
You will need to download the wiiu-extracttosd.zip file.
The latest release of Haxchi
Download only the Haxchi .zip file.
The latest release of SaveMii mod
Notice The info.json and manifest.install files are not needed for the modding process and therefore can be deleted.

Insert your Wii U’s SD Card into your PC.
Create a folder called install on the root of your SD Card.
Extract the homebrew_launcher_channel.v2.1_fix.zip file to the install folder you created.
Extract the Haxchi.zip file to the root of your SD Card.
Extract the wup_installer_gx2.zip file to the root of your SD Card.
Extract the nanddumper.zip file to the root of your SD Card.
Extract the wiiu-extracttosd.zip file to the root of your SD Card.
Extract the homebrew_launcher.v.1.4.zip file to the root of your SD Card.
Extract the savemii_mod.zip file to the root of your SD Card.
Copy the config.txt file to the haxchi folder on the root of your SD Card. Overwrite files if asked.
Copy the payload.elf from the payload.zip to the wiiu folder on your SD Card.

To install CFW, we first need to launch the Homebrew Launcher through the browser exploit. Make sure your Wii U has internet access for this step.

Take the SD Card out of your computer and plug it into your Wii U console.
Launch the internet browser and open wiiuexploit.xyz.
Click on Run Homebrew Launcher!. Your console should launch the Homebrew Launcher.
If your Wii U gets stuck on a white or otherwise frozen screen, wait a few seconds. If nothing happens, reboot the console, reset the browser’s save data and try again.

In case anything should go wrong in the later process and your Wii U ends up bricked, restoring a previously made NAND backup can fix it.

The Wii U NAND is (depending on your model) either 8 or 32GB. As a result of this, to create a full backup of your console’s NAND, your SD Card has to be larger than the size of your NAND. If you do not have a large enough SD Card, you can skip the optional MLC section which includes save files and game data and is not needed to recover most types of bricks.

Restoring a NAND Backup on the Wii U requires additional hardware and micro soldering skills.
However, making a NAND Backup is always useful, so please do not skip it.
Your NAND Backup is unique to your system. Backups from other consoles won’t work.

Navigate through the Homebrew Launcher and launch the Wii U NAND Dumper app.
Use the Wii U Gamepad’s DPAD to enter the following configuration:
Dump SLC: yes
Dump SLCCMPT: yes
Dump MLC: optional
Dump OTP: yes
Dump SEEPROM: yes
Press the A button to start the dumping process.
When the process completed, power off your Wii U, take your SD Card out of the Wii U and plug it into your PC.
To make sure you don’t lose the files, copy the slc.bin, slccmpt.bin, seeprom.bin, otp.bin and if you chose to go with a full backup, every mlc.bin.part file to your computer.
Delete the files from your SD Card to free up space.

Launching CFW
Now that you have your NAND backup in case anything goes wrong later, you can run CFW on your system.

Unlike systems such as the DSi, Wii, or 3DS, Wii U CFW is temporary. This means that as soon as your system reboots, you will lose CFW and have to follow these instructions again. This can be skipped by installing CBHC to a Haxchi CFW installation.

If the install fails for some reason, try uninstalling and redownloading the DS VC game from the eShop and make sure it is being installed to the NAND.

Take the SD Card out of your PC and plug it into your Wii U.
If you haven’t already, now download your DS VC game of choice from the eShop.
Launch the Homebrew Launcher on your system as previously explained.
Navigate the Homebrew Launcher and open the Haxchi app.
Use the DPAD to navigate the cursor to the game you want to install Haxchi to and press the A button to install it.
Once the installation has finished, your console will launch the Wii U Menu. You will see your game replaced by a Haxchi icon.
Run the modified DS game. This will reboot the console and enable CFW.
You will need to run your Haxchi DS game every reboot to launch CFW.
You can now re-attach any USB devices you had attached before starting the guide.

This page will install the Homebrew Launcher Channel as an application directly to your Home Menu for easy access.

Installing the Homebrew Launcher Channel is optional as you can already launch it by holding the A button while launching Haxchi.

Power on your console
Launch the Haxchi DS game from the Wii U Menu. This will re-launch the Wii U Menu with CFW activated.
Launch the Haxchi DS game again while holding the A button. This will launch the Homebrew Launcher.
Navigate the Homebrew Launcher and launch the WUP Installer GX2 app.
Use the touchscreen to select Homebrew Launcher Channel. Press Install and confirm with Yes.
Select NAND as the installation destination. This will install the Homebrew Launcher Channel to the Wii U Menu.
Once the process is finished, press the Home button until you’re back at the Wii U Menu.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
You will now see the Homebrew Launcher Channel installed on your Wii U Menu. Keep in mind you will need to launch cfw every reboot to run this channel.
Thanks! This helped a lot

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